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Challenge. How do we identify the people and places at highest risks of serious violence? How do we update those forecasts, every day, to better use police resources to prevent crime? The answer lies in more evidence-based crime analysis for proactive strategies.

Objectives. Applying rapid advances in IT and other technology, this online course, spread across 10 weeks from each learner’s enrolment date, will help police force analysts to become more skilled and effective at the following urgent tasks:

·       Identifying people most likely to be victimized by, or to commit, serious violence

·       Tracking serious violent crime using a Crime Harm Index (CHI)

·       Predicting the most likely micro-hotspots for murders and GBH assaults

·       Tracking police activities by hotspots in relation to crime trends

·       Feedback and digital alarms to patrol teams for delivery of patrol time by hotspot

·       Tracking—and deterring—criminal networks producing serious violence

·       Testing the violence-reduction impact of police strategies applied to specific targets

Faculty. The Cambridge Centre for Evidence-Based Policing faculty teaching this 40-hour,** high intensity online course includes the following instructors under the leadership of Professor Lawrence Sherman, Wolfson Professor Emeritus, University of Cambridge, and Honorary President, Society of Evidence-Based Policing, in collaboration with Professor Jerry Ratcliffe of Temple University, author of Intelligence-Led Policing, and

Two 10-week self-paced programs to choose from


Learners can work through lectures and data analysis exercises at their own pace within a 10-week period. The online course includes 5 one-on-one live video sessions with a personal tutor, including a final assessment.


Every delegate is assigned a personal tutor for 4 one-on-one live video sessions over 10 weeks from each learner’s enrolment date, including a final assessment.

Learners who pass the assessment are invited to our annual graduation ceremony at Cambridge at no charge.*

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