OSINTzone OSINT, Skip Tracing & Cyber Investigations

OSINT, Skip Tracing & Cyber Investigations

Open Source Intelligence course for new and experienced investigators.

The OSCI course teaches you a wide range of skills that can help separate you from the rest of the industry. OSCI covers the following areas:

  • OSINT – Open Source Intelligence
  • IMINT – Image Intelligence techniques
  • GEOINT – Geospatial Intelligence techniques
  • HUMINT – Human Intelligence techniques
  • Social Engineering
  • Profiling People
  • Advanced search techniques

And much more.

The OSINTzone OSCI course video

The course is designed for anyone who wants to get started in the industry and even experienced people already in the industry. This is the same course we teach to the government and private sectors.

The course is 100% online. Once you enrol in the course you will be presented with some online modules, once you have completed the first two modules there will be a live session. This session is designed so you can speak directly with an instructor, ask any questions about the material you have just completed, before we progress to teach you some more advanced techniques, live.

These live one-on-one sessions ensure you get the coaching and support you need, and you have the ability to have the trainer focus the content and live examples based on your career needs.

Our course is focused on giving you the skills and techniques used to obtain information so you can transfer/use those skills in the real world. Our belief is, it should not matter what country the subject or case is in, the same skills are required. The only difference is the databases you use.

That is why we focus on teaching you the skills and techniques required to gather more intelligence.

There are two common questions we get asked from students before the sign up:

 “Will I learn anything new in this course?” And the answer is yes. We have a lot of students who currently work in the industry who do the course. These students come from all different parts of the industry. From government agencies, skip trace agencies, private investigators, and inspectors.

“Will I be able to understand any of the content if I have never done work like this before?”And the answer to that is yes. We have structured the course, so everyone starts off with the basics. This is essential, as we have found even experienced investigators have missed some of the core basics required to get more advanced training. And, since we included multiple live sessions throughout the course, this means you get the one-on-one support you need to progress through the course.

If you would like more information, the best thing to do is speak with a trainer to see if we can help.

Learn more (link to http://courses.osintzone.com/oscimk.html)

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