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Administrative Support

Specialist support services for investigators including; transcribers, preparation of interview summaries, editors, report writers, bookkeeping, general administration, calendar management, appointments, file administration, and video and image editing.

Computer forensic services

Services include: Recovering data, Investigating hacking, eDiscovery, Tracing Emails, and File authentication. Services may be required to provide specific services, or as part of a larger investigation.

Fraud and corruption

Public corruption is the misuse of public power or position for personal gain. Private corruption is the misdirection of organisational resources for personal or organisational benefit. Includes conduct such as: taking or offering bribes, fraud, theft or embezzlement, misusing information and maladministration.

General Insurance & CTP

Insurance investigations include investigating suspected fraudulent activity regarding damage to property through fire, theft or natural disasters; motor vehicle claims, holiday insurance and health cover and professional indemnity.

Historical abuse

Services include the tracing of individuals and interviewing of often elderly and vulnerable witnesses regarding allegations of abuse as a result of institutional care or involvement with religious orders.

Online investigations

Investigations conducted purely online, finding people, places, activities, making links between businesses or conducting background checks via social media. Service providers often have access to online tools to aid data crunching.

Personal relationships

When you require a confidential investigation related to fidelity of a partner, or due diligence prior to a business partnership or merger. Investigation methods involve covert techniques and online searches.

Public Liability

Civil claims for damages covered under public liability insurance. Investigators obtain evidence from site visits, obtaining specialist reports, medical evidence and detailed statements from witnesses.

Reportable conduct

Investigations conducted under the various State Reportable Conduct Schemes into allegations of certain classes of conduct by employees in child-related employment require specialist skills and experience with the legislation and reporting requirements.


Surveillance skills cover mobile surveillance and use of GPS tracking devices, online keystroke tracing and other covert surveillance strategies. These activities are strictly regulated by each state and territory in Australia.

Workplace misconduct

Includes investigations into breaches of a company’s Code of Conduct and /or employment contract on behalf of an employer. Behaviour investigated includes, failure to follow instructions, unsafe work practices, bullying/harassment, and sexual misconduct.

Workers compensation

This type of investigation looks into the cause of injuries sustained at work, including physical and psychological injuries. Investigators liaise with medical professions or other industry experts and make assessments over the degree of injury and identify possible fraudulent claims.

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