WEBINAR-Conducting Investigative Interviews Remotely

Like many experienced investigators, Harriet Witchell has conducted hundreds of investigative interviews over her 24 years […]

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WEBINAR – Conducting remote investigations and investigative interviews

Current social distancing rules and COVID-19 workplace safety measures are making it hard to undertake ‘business […]

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How does an investigator walk the tightrope of neutrality at a time of crises?

Raising complaints and being investigated are up there with the more stressful things in life, doing […]

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How to conduct an investigative interview remotely

In 1996 I participated in my first phone conference, I was in a public phone booth […]

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How do I start a Private Investigations business?

After obtaining the necessary training, life experience and qualifications to be a Private Investigator there are […]

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investigating psychological injury

Investigating psychological injury

On Wednesday 19 February 2020, the Supreme court of Victorian awarded $435,000 in damages to a […]

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How to corroborate witness evidence with Google Maps

OMG I just found the best source of corroborative evidence, and I didn’t even know it […]

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How to write an investigation plan

This article helps explain the purpose of an investigation plan and how to write one. Attached […]

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How to prepare a cost estimate for an investigation

If you are working hard to run a business as a private investigator, preparing a cost […]

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