1. Why use MyKludo to source investigators?

MyKludo is a new way to source and hire investigation professionals. By engaging with investigators directly you can:

  • Choose your own investigator
  • Guarantee value for money every time
  • Receive great customer service
  • Reduce costs

2. What if I get three quotes and I don’t want to engage any of them?

No problem! If you don’t like what you see, just let us know and we will try and find the right match.

If you find a new investigator that you haven’t used before – Great!

3. Are investigators on MyKludo licenced and insured?

All providers on MyKludo hold Professional indemnity (PI) and Public Liability (PL) insurance. The Mykludo Standard Contract Terms specify that Investigation Professional must hold a minimum of $1m in PI and $5M in PL. The levels are lower for the provision of Investigative Support.

The laws regulating licences in Australia mean that whilst the majority of investigators on MyKludo hold a valid Private Investigator licence, a licence is not always required. Investigators without a licence are able to provide services that do not require by law, a licence. This includes investigations in the ACT and misconduct investigations for NSW government and local government agencies.

4. Our cases are very sensitive, who sees the information in the RFQ?

Everyone seeking the services of a Private Investigator requires confidentiality – that’s why we have built MyKludo! We have built in a number of measures to minimise the risk of private and confidential information being at risk:

  • All providers sign a confidentiality agreement before receiving RFQ’s;
  • The client identity is only disclosed on acceptance of a quote;
  • No Private information is required in the RFQ;
  • RFQ’s are only sent to investigators who meet the requirements of the case – never to the whole database;
  • MyKludo and investigation providers are subject to the Privacy Act and we uphold the Australian Privacy Principles – see our Privacy Policy.

5. Can I request a quote from a specific investigator?

Yes you can. If you name any investigators in your RFQ who hold a profile with MyKludo, we will ensure that they are sent a request to respond to your request along with other suitable investigators within MyKludo.

6. We use prequalified investigators how does MyKludo fit in?

Many of our investigators are already members of prequalifying panels. If you have specific criteria for investigators, we can ensure that your matters are only provided to investigators who meet your requirements. In addition, we ensure that any licences and insurance documents are kept up to date, so you don’t have to worry, and we collect feedback after every job so that ratings are always current.

7. We already work directly with investigators and don’t want to pay an extra

If you have existing relationships with investigators and want to keep using them – go ahead! MyKludo only charges a 15% fee to clients when the client has used MyKludo to obtain independent quotes for a case. You never know – you might find you get a different rate when using MyKludo –If you don’t find someone you like, you do not have to engage an investigator. Obtaining quotes is free for both the client and investigator.

Further information & explainer videos can be found @ Helpful stuff pages of this site


8. Do investigators have to pay to use MyKludo?

No, using MyKludo is completely free for investigation professionals. It is also free for clients to request and receive quotes. When an investigator is engaged through the MyKludo platform, MyKludo charges the client 15% on top of the fee agreed when the work is completed and distributes 100% of the investigators fee to them when the client pays for the services.

9. What information gets shared with the client?

The ‘Description’ of your services and your Linkedin profile link along with your photograph are shared with the client when you respond to an RFQ. You can also include a PDF document with your quote containing other relevant information you want shared with the client.

10. Why does MyKludo need referees and what happens to the feedback from clients?

Every provider on MyKludo is vetted before they can respond to RFQ’s. Investigators provide two referees from either colleagues, supervisors or customers. These checks ensure the quality of investigators on MyKludo and helps to protect users from scammers. When a case has been completed, MyKludo seeks feedback on behalf of the investigator on three things – quality, customer service and value for money. This feedback is provided confidentially to investigators to help improve service quality and is an essential component of the MyKludo system. Feedback is not publicly posted and does not appear on an investigators profile but you can’t fix what you don’t know!

11. What is the star rating based on?

Initial star ratings are given based on the initial onboarding information and referee reports derived from the level of experience, quality of work and customer service provided by the investigator. Over time these star ratings will be modified based on the feedback from clients. Direct feedback on cases is always confidential and will be provided to investigators to enhance service delivery and give recommendations for further training.

12. I don’t have a Private investigators licence, can I still have a profile on MyKludo?

Yes you can if the nature of the services you offer do not require a licence. At present Skip Tracing is unlicensed in Australia. Investigation work in the ACT including for Federal agencies, and government misconduct matters in NSW do not require a licence. Most investigative support services do not require a licence either.

13. I am a newly qualified investigator what kind of work can I get through MyKludo?

The law governing the activities of newly qualified investigators varies in each state. However, investigative support services can be offered on MyKludo by Early Career Investigators (ECI’s) and MyKludo encourages more experienced and busy investigators to use ECI’s for support functions to help develop new, and up and coming investigators.

14. Do other investigators see my Response to quotes?

Your response to an RFQ will only been seen by the client requesting the quote. MyKludo will be collecting data on rates and the nature of successful quotes and over time we will be able to provide this feedback as general advice to investigators to improve the chance of providing a successful quote.

15. What if the RFQ comes from one of my existing clients?

The identity of a client is not disclosed to investigators unless the client specifically requests it.  In the RFQ process it is possible that an investigator may be engaged by an existing client. The following obligations apply to the Client and Service provider:

  • When a client uses MyKludo to obtain comparative quotes AND engages an investigator from the list, regardless of any pre-existing relationship, the Client pays the MyKludo Service Fee on top of the fee agreed with the investigator.
  • Clients who are introduced to new investigators via the MyKludo platform, who engage the investigator for ongoing work without using MyKludo, are subject to the MyKludo Service Fee for up to 12 months after the Client and Investigator cease holding a profile on MyKludo.
  • If there was an existing relationship between the Client and the Investigator prior to using MyKludo, ongoing work between the parties where MyKludo is not used for comparative quotes, is not subject to the MyKludo Service Fee.

16. I have been working as a sub-contractor and don’t have my own insurance?

To provide your services via MyKludo you need to have your own Professional indemnity (PI) and Public Liability (PL) cover. PI cover cannot be purchased as micro insurance yet nor can it be provided by a third party if you are a sub-contractor to that third party.

If a claim is made against the quality of your work you need PI cover at the time the claim is made, not when the incident occurred – for this reason it is recommended that you should obtain a policy that provides for runoff cover for a period of approximately 7 years after you cease working as an investigator. BizCover provides discounts on all insurance products. If you use the ‘KLUDO” code on purchase, we receive a small gratuity when you take advantage of the offer.

17. Can I enter a range of rates into MyKludo or just a fixed rate?

You can elect to enter an hourly rate on your profile, at the moment you can’t provide a range – but don’t worry, this is never shared with the clients. When you respond to an RFQ you can nominate the rate you want to use for that job because we recognise that you may want to change your rate depending on how busy you are, if they are a new client, or if they are a not for profit organisation.

18. What about the quality of work, who checks the QA?

Investigation professionals on MyKludo are truly independent, so each investigator is responsible for the quality of the output provided to clients. If you are new to Freelancing, MyKludo can provide support to help with meeting client expectations, preparing quotes and estimating time, even drafting invoices. A range of investigative and administrative support service providers are available on MyKludo to help edit and proof reports in addition to bookkeepers and transcription service providers. Your virtual team is ready to help and understands the context of your service.

19. How does the referral program work?

From the 1st of July 2020, investigators named by a client as referring a case to MyKludo can benefit from our reward program and receive a % of the Service Fee. The rewards program does not effect the cost to clients. Full details can be read in the Terms of Service.

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