Worried about the mental health impacts of conducting investigations? Attend our Webinar on mental health first aid.

Zagi Kozarov received $435,000 including damages for PTSD caused by vicarious trauma acquired through her work as a Public Prosecutor.

In February this year Zagi Kozarov, a Victorian Prosecutor working for the Office of Public Prosecution was awarded $435,000 including damages for psychological injury caused by vicarious trauma following repeated exposer to high volume sexual offences. Her employer claimed that they were unaware of her major depression, a sign of PTSD however the court ruled that they should have been aware and taken steps to minimise the harm.

Investigators who are able to demonstrate empathy during an investigation will improve the outcomes for parties but also understanding the signs of mental ill heath is critical for employers and for investigators in managing and maintaining a healthy mind. According to Beyond Blue, signs of depression can include disturbed appetite, concentration difficulties, fatigue, loss of interest in activities, a slowing or speeding of physical movement and/or sleep disturbance. But would you be able to recognise them?

To find out more about how to recognise and respond to mental illness join us for our Free Webinar presented by MyKludo Community member and Mental Health First Aid training – Natalie Thomasen. Natalie has operated a workplace investigation company Synergy Workplace Investigations for 17 years and is a certified Mental Health First Aid Trainer – the movement that has seen 3M people trained worldwide to respond to mental health crises. Register for the Webinar at 4-5pm AEST on Wednesday 10 June 2020. Register Here.


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