WEBINAR #8 Tackling racism in the workplace

All the questions you have but are not sure how to ask

Presented by Jo Kamira, (FILM MAHRI) (Te Rarawa, Te Aupouri, Ngapuhi) Adjunct Fellow, Department of Indigenous Studies, Macquarie University, and Director of Capital Workplace, Australia’s only Supply Nation Certified HR/WR organisation.
MyKludo is delighted to invite Jo Kamira, to present on the current issues facing HR professionals and business managers on tackling racism in the workplace. The BLM movement has seen wide spread demonstrations across the world and protests in Australia only stifled by COVID-19. With a growing  rise in consciousness about racial issues is our responsibility to address the issues and model appropriate behaviour. But how do we do this when we’re not too sure ourselves? This workshop will address all those questions you had but weren’t quite sure how to ask.
Outcomes fro the session:
  • Conscious and unconscious bias
  • What is White race privilege?
  • Is reverse racism a thing?
  • Institutional racism and how it affects everyone.
  • What is BLM and why is it an issue in Australia?
  • Implications for your staff.

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MyKludo Webinars have been launched this year to help inform and bring professional development to  the investigations industry. Join us for this, our eight free webinar. This time we host veteran workplace investigator and expert diversity professional, Jo Kamira.

Jo Kamira


Jo Kamira (FAIM) has 30 years experience in investigations with expertise in workplace misconduct and diversity issues. This, coupled with her investigative background means she is a leading workplace investigator for complex and sensitive matters. Jo is a Principal of Capital Workplace Investigations, a Supply Nation certified Indigenous supplier.

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