WEBINAR #7 OSINT Image Analysis

Discover how to use OSINT to identify the source of an image from top Skip Tracer Brad Lyons

Ever wondered how to use OSINT for image analysis and figured out where an image was taken?

In this Webinar, Brad Lyons, will show you how to analyse an image and use OSINT techniques to determine where a photo was taken.During the session Brad will give a walkthrough on image analysis and open-source techniques that have been used to solve cases that have no other leads.

Since April 2020, The MyKludo Webinar Series has covered, remote investigations, changes to the Reportable Conduct legislation in NSW, remote interviews, mental health first aid, sexual harassment and missing persons. Next week we have the privilege of hearing Brad Lyons President of the AIPI QLD branch and owner of ThinkEdu and Director of Global Skill Tracing talking about the use of IMINT and OSINT to solve cases.

Brad  Lyons is a career Skip Tracer, author and developer with a background in debt collection and investigations. Brad has long been a consultant to the banking and finance sector specialising in debt collection. Brad is a data scientist and OSINT developer who enjoys developing new technology and supporting companies with his innovations. He has assisted one of the largest skip tracing databases in the country producing ground breaking technology and systems.


Harriet Witchell

Harriet Witchell founder of MyKludo, has worked in the Investigations industry for over 20 years. Holding many titles to her name including, specialist workplace investigator, business owner, speaker, author, academic, researcher, and trainer.

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