WEBINAR #6 Responding to sexual harassment complaints

Are your investigations victim centred? Are your investigators truly independent?

WEBINAR: Responding to sexual harassment complaints.

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There are few areas of conduct that cause more conflict and moral outrage than cases of sexual harassment. Conducting fair, unbiased, independent investigations is critical to  successful outcomes. Kate Jenkins, the Sex Discrimination Commissioner highlighted the need for a victim centred approach to investigations and has set the ground work for legislative reform to change the onus of responsibility from the complainant to the employer. However,  there are still a lot of questions raised by recent events in our courts and our workplaces that HR Managers need to navigate.


In this webinar MyKludo CEO Harriet Witchell, will address key issues for HR managers faced with managing sexual harassment complaints:

• Who is qualified to undertake administrative investigations into sexual harassment allegations?
• How do I support the victim and accused when the allegations are not substantiated?
• What if both parties seem equally to blame?
• Will I be liable for claims of defamation if I make allegations known to an accused before there is evidence to support them?
• Where do I find someone who is qualified to provide a ‘victim centred’ investigation that also withstands legal scrutiny?
• What is a trauma informed victim centred response?
• How should we respond when the complainant doesn’t want to make an official complaint?
• If the police are involved does that mean the employer cannot act?
• What is the difference between sexual harassment and sexual assault?


Based on over twenty years of managing and conducting investigations into sexual harassment, Harriet Witchell,  will tackle each question and provide valuable insights into how organisations and HR managers in particular can effectively respond to complaints and avoid the devastating impact of the mental health of involved parties, disengagement of bystanders and the potential legal costs involved when parties resort to the law to solve the problem.


HR Professionals, Lawyers, Mediators, Investigation consultants, Business owners, Industrial relations specialists and Complaint handlers.

If you are interested in clarifying how you can best respond when complaints are made? Attend this webinar – it’s free!

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Harriet Witchell

Harriet Witchell founder of MyKludo, has worked in the Investigations industry for over 20 years. Holding many titles to her name including, specialist workplace investigator, business owner, speaker, author, academic, researcher, and trainer.

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