Online investigations training platform launches – MyKludo Academy

Now you can access expert input on investigation related issues online, anytime from the MyKludo Academy site.

Online investigations training

MyKludo ticks off two of its mission statements with the launch of the new online learning platform, the MyKludo Academy. The platform delivers online investigations training for all levels of the professional development of investigators.

Mission statements:

Bring accessible professional development to investigators

Increase the level of professionalism within the investigations industry

The site launches with access to all the webinars presented as part of the two online conferences held during 2020 and 2021. The Virtual investigative Interviewing Conference 2020 and the Mental Health and Investigations Symposium 2021.

Over the forthcoming months professional training courses on key investigation related topics will be added to the site. The site will be a rich source of information and education for investigators across the career lifespan.

We hope you enjoy the experience of access anytime, and value to expertise of the presenters and commitment to extending the boundaries of human knowledge. Visit the site and explore it today!


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