MyKludo Academy launches next week

After hosting two major online events for investigators in 2020 and 2021 we are delighted to be launching our Academy website! From next week, MyKludo will provide on demand access to all virtual sessions from the events.

The MyKludo team is excited to announce that next week the new MyKludo Academy website will be launching. The new site will host an array of professional development opportunities for investigators across their career lifespan.

The site is launching with online access to the 11 webinars delivered as part of the Virtual Investigative Interviewing Conference 2020 and The Mental Health and Investigations Virtual Symposium 2021.

What do people say about the programs?

“Fabulous session. Very much focuses on the practicality of needing to utilise what we learn”

“Thanks for the conference you have really relevant topics by engaging and interesting presenters”

and my personal favourite –

“WOW  – my brain hurts!”

MyKludo is working with leading providers to develop accessible online training to enhance investigation skills and help with  professional development.

Keep your eyes peeled for next weeks online launch!


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