Meet Laurie Mullen, a Private Investigator in Queensland and specialist in workers’ compensation investigations

Despite differences between the Australian and English legal system, Laurie Mullen found his niche in Private Investigations and now works with MyKludo

When Laurie Mullen retired from the Hampshire Constabulary and emigrated from England to Australia in 2003, he was looking forward to days in the sun sitting around the pool. But it wasn’t too long before he got bored with this and began to look for something new, which eventually led to a whole new career in private investigations.

Initially searching for something completely different from police work, Laurie eventually decided to pursue a path where he could put his unique skillset to use.

“I made a couple of enquiries and spoke with Mike Evans of the Australian Security Academy, and then obtained a Cert III with recognition of prior learning,” he explains. “I got a private investigator licence and then looked for work. My first job was with LKA Group and I never really looked back. I enjoyed the ability to generally pick my own hours and make my own appointments, and in the main, I was carrying out workers’ compensation investigations and dealing with matters for WorkCover Queensland.”

Workers’ compensation and insurance investigations

Laurie joined the team at Mykludo when it launched in early 2020 and although workers compensation and insurance investigations remain Laurie’s main focus, it is by no means the only area he now practices in.

“I have carried out several general insurance investigations, compulsory third-party investigations, burglary investigations following an insurance claim, fraudulent travel insurance claims and theft of motor vehicle claims to name a few.”

Given the array of assignments that come his way, private investigations afford Laurie an opportunity to learn about a wide range of industries and workplaces.

The differences between working in Australia and the UK

Having made the move from the UK to Australia, there are a number differences, but the biggest changes he has found in his professional life arise form Australia’s federal system.

“A huge difference that took me a while to get my head around was that different states can have different laws and rules. For instance, when someone gets arrested in one state for an offence in another, they have to extradite them. In the UK, though, the law is the same over England and Wales with only a slight difference in Scotland.”

In the field of private investigations, Laurie has also found the regulatory and licensing requirements to be more rigorous here.

“I never worked as a PI in the UK but am aware that at the time I left there were no regulations regarding PIs, anyone could literally become one. Process serving appears to be the main focus of PI work in the UK and a couple of the more successful agencies over there do both investigations and process serving. Depending on the state you are in here, however, process serving requires a different licence.”

The importance of training and development

One of the most important aspects of being an effective investigator is updating your skills. In addition to undertaking his own professional development, Laurie now trains others.

“During my time in Australia, I have become associated with a couple of good RTOs, and have now obtained an updated training and assessment qualification. I have trained others in health and safety and first aid, while also assisting with the recognition of prior learning for many individuals in investigations and security and risk management. All of this came about because of working as a PI.”

In summing up what being an investigator is like, Laurie describes it as “quite a solitary occupation”. As well as being able to operate in this environment, for those considering a similar path, he recommends looking for a mentor and to then “find out what type of work suits you best, develop in that field and become good at it!”

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