How to leverage specialist investigative support services with MyKludo

MyKludo connects investigative support staff with investigators to enable investigators to deliver more effectively direct to clients.

Working as a sole trader or small business often means working alone and being the Jack & Jill of all trades. When your services are delivering specialised investigative services, knowing where to find specialist investigative support services  can seem impossible. Whilst the challenges facing the investigations a security industry operators are not unique, the need to top level security and accuracy are higher on the agenda than most.

So what prevents sole traders from finding suitably skilled specialist investigative support?

1. Time

The nature of investigative work means that your demand for support fluctuates from week to week. employing someone on regular hours can lead to unacceptable wait times and idle time where you have no work to give your support staff. Dealing with business flow and workflow variations is a necessity. In addition, you may only need administrative support when you are busy, too busy to brief and supervise the training of a new support staff.   I’t quicker to do it yourself, and hasten on the burn out and stress that comes with running a small enterprise.

2. Cost

Economic uncertainty causes two key problems in a professional services business. Firstly, uncertainty about future income leads to us under investing and cutting unnecessary expenditure; secondly we have an increased likelihood of promising clients we can take on their work and overcommit our resources to service the clients needs.  Compounding this problem is the unknown cost that support staff may add to our bottom line. Being able to obtain fixed quotes or comparative competitive quotes for each piece of work is a great way to address this problem – however, this normally takes time!

3. Security

Investigators deal with very sensitive and private information. Subcontracting this information out to another person comes with risks. Risks that the person may not deploy the required standard of Privacy over their computer and office space, lack of awareness of how private information should be handled, and there is always the potential for a lack of discretion when dealing with interesting, saucy or political matters not to mention the possibility of a conflict of interest that is not known or declared by the subcontractor.   Without entering into contractual agreements with service providers the issues cannot be properly acquitted and the risks remain high. The most typical way these risks are managed is through the use of personal contacts, partners, wives and relatives have all been used to provide administrative support under the misapprehension that these parties are somehow less susceptible to security breaches.


As we begin to emerge from COVID-19 the investigation industry is witnessing an uneven recovery.  Some investigators are experiencing high demand whilst others have little or no work.  Increasing numbers of workers are turning to freelancer platforms as a way to engage with more clients and advertise their skills. MyKludo has been developed to connect clients with specialist investigation providers but we also connect investigators with experienced investigative support.

By developing industry specific resources and skilled freelance administrative support, finding the right person to help with an investigation report is no longer as challenging as it once was. MyKludo has a bank of freelancers, specialist investigative support services providers, who are specifically skilled and experienced at preparing surveillance and  investigation reports, interview summaries, transcriptions and dictation. We have transcribers with experience with AI tools and super experienced Stenographers who can transcribe live during an interview if needed, as well as proofreaders and editors. All freelancers are verified, and insured and agree to the MyKludo Terms of Service and Privacy Policy making them the best in class for handling confidential cases. MyKludo engagements are automatically covered by our standing contract and all case communication and file sharing is conducted via a secure case management system with full end to end encryption. The resulting services mean that sole traders and small business in the investigation and security industry can access experienced administrative support any time, at competitive prices with confidence.

If you want to find out more about how to access our Investigation Support Services please call our team on 1300 994 557 or submit and RFQ to obtain quotes.


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