How not to stuff up a sexual harassment complaint!

The allegations of sexual harassment and failed complaints processes are coming thick and fast in the media at the moment but how should you respond if you work in HR and receive a complaint?

responding to sexual harassment

Whilst women everywhere are asking for zero tolerance of sexual harassment, the counter side to the equation is ensuring fairness to those accused, abiding by employment law requirements and responding to sexual harassment in a reasonable manner to respect the wishes of the individuals impacted by the behaviour.

9 questions to ask when responding to sexual harassment

Last year our CEO Harriet Witchell presented a webinar on the challenges facing organisations who respond to sexual harassment complaints. She addresses 9 vexing questions:

  1. What is a trauma informed investigation and a victim centred response?
  2. How should we respond when the complainant doesn’t want to make an official complaint?
  3. How do I support the victim and accused when the allegations are not yet substantiated?
  4. What if both parties seem equally to blame?
  5. Will I be liable for claims of defamation if I make allegations known to an accused before there is evidence to support them?
  6. What is the difference between sexual harassment and sexual assault?
  7. If the police are involved does that mean the employer cannot act?
  8. Who is qualified to undertake administrative investigations into sexual harassment allegations?
  9. Where do I find someone who is qualified to provide a ‘victim centred’ investigation that will withstand legal scrutiny?

Understand what drives the behaviour

With more and more demands being made on HR departments to respond effectively to sexual harassment complaints, understanding the behaviour that drives sexual harassment and the trauma that may sit behind the complaint making process is key to providing a victim centred approach that provides fairness to all parties.

Decisions on how matters are handled today may come under scrutiny in years to come when the ‘optics’ are different potentially causing  irreparable reputational damage. HR departments must be informed, confident and well trained in responding to these issues.

Where to find expertise to help

MyKludo provides organisations with the expertise to meet all their complaint handling and conduct risk requirements. We can review your current capabilities to receive and respond to sexual harassment complaints, provide training and critical incident response and support when necessary.

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