Everything you want to know about MyKludo – Q&A

Meet the founders of MyKludo and find out how it works for investigators and contractors

Launching on 1 March 2020 moments ahead of the global shutdown caused by #COVID-19 Pandemic, MyKludo became the first Marketplace for Investigation Professionals. Founded in Australia the platform has sparked interest from the UK, Canada and Serbia from consultants seeking access to the platform.

Observing problems in the industry with sourcing quality investigators, MyKludo has set its sights on transforming the way investigators are found and engaged.  Required through necessity to operate with a cloud of secrecy, clients have always found it difficult to know how to find a reliable, capable investigator for their discreet matter.

Similarly, highly capable investigators often run their business through word of mouth referrals or subcontracting arrangements with the middle man taking a sizeable margin.

Professional marketplaces such as MyKludo offer clients an efficient way to source a wide range of divers professionals at competitive rates. Compare quotes, set fix costs and manage budgets  whilst maintaining full visibility of the qualifications and experience of the investigator. The platform offers investigators an opportunity to engage directly with clients and build their client pool. Clients and investigators have access to a fully operational case management system to facilitate communication, secure file sharing and fast and efficient payments. Dashboards, reporting and complete cost transparency are just some of the features MyKludo users can enjoy. With over 150 investigators on the platform already there is guaranteed to be something in the platform for everyone, whether you need a corporate investigator, cyber specialist, infidelity expert of factual and surveillance operatives – MyKludo has them all.

If you are an investigator and want to find out exactly how MyKludo works we are running a couple of live Webinar’s to answer all your questions about privacy, economics, and process. Fist one is tomorrow Thursday 2 July 2020 between 1-2 pm .  Click here for more information and to register.


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