25 things to do to avoid the blues

UN Released this infographic on 25 things to do to avoid the blues during COVID-19

The United Nations released this info graphic of 25 things to do to avoid the blues. They include phoning a friend, unplugging and watching your favourite movie (we have all done that, like a thousand times!)

Taking action requires identification, and whilst we may have all felt a little blue or flat over the preceding months, do we know enough to identify if someone is suffering from depression? including ourselves?

For those who work with trauma and are in the trenches every day chronic depression and PTSD are a workplace hazard. Understanding how to recognise the signs that someone is suffering from mental illness is critical in being able to provide help to them and yourselves.

This week MyKludo Community member Natalie Thomasen presents our FREE WEBINAR on Mental Health First Aid and how it can assist investigators and managers of complaints or investigations to provide the first level of assistance to their staff, team mates and often family members.

Join us on Wednesday 10 June at 4pm AEST to find out how MHFA can help you and your team. Follow the link to FIND OUR MORE and REGISTER FOR THE WEBINAR.

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