10 Best things about 2020 – our Startup story.

Can we just write that off? 2020 the year that we would rather forget - or would we?

There is no denying that 2020 has been one tricky year, where many expectations were frustrated, and new and exciting opportunities were created.

For the Mykludo team, COVID- 19 thwarted many of our business plans, and unfortunately brought bereavement and isolation from family.  We are ending the year caught in another lockdown bringing solitude and separation.  Knowing that this is the same for millions of people all over the globe makes acknowledging the sadness all the more important. If you don’t feel like posting your happy snaps – That’s OK!

As we reflect on the highs and lows of the year we we must acknowledge the goals kicked and the awesome support we have had from investigators and clients over the past 12 months!

Goals kicked:

  1. We have published 47 Blogs on topics from OSINT, using drones, surveillance, finding missing persons, mental health, workplace investigations, to the gig economy, remote interviewing and sexual harassment and assault investigations.
  2. There have been over 100 downloads of our investigation planning tool in 28 counties.
  3. We held 8 free webinars for investigators on:
    • Conducting virtual investigations
    • Remote investigative interviews
    • Developing Codes of conduct for safeguarding
    • Tackling racism in the workplace
    • OSINT image analysis
    • Responding to sexual harassment complaints
    • Locating missing persons
    • Mental Health First Aid for investigators
  1. We have connected services providers with clients to undertake investigations in:
    • Workplace investigations
    • Digital forensics
    • Audit
    • Fraud investigations
    • OSINT
    • Surveillance
    • Transcriptions &
    • Investigation report editing
  1. We started a YouTube channel!
  2. Over 300 people are now following our Linkedin page…thank you.
  3. We have over 500 subscribers
  4. More than 200 investigators have commenced profiles on the platform
  5. In December we facilitated our first Virtual Conference!
  6. Over 200 people attended out Virtual Investigative Interviewing Conference from  8 Countries listening to international experts on:
    • Interviewing autistic people
    • Witness memory
    • Interviewing children
    • The PEACE model
    • The Whole Story approach, &
    • Mindful suspect interviewing

Did we do what we thought we would be doing in 2020?  NO.

Did we make a difference?  We hope so.

We are welcoming 2021 with strength and resilience and hope you all have the very best festive season you can. Thank you to all our supporters, investigators and clients.  We have made an impact on the investigations industry in Australian and beyond and we are looking forward to making more positive changes throughout 2021.

Harriet Witchell & Simon Tucker

The Founding team @ MyKludo

Harriet Witchell

Harriet Witchell founder of MyKludo, has worked in the Investigations industry for over 20 years. Holding many titles to her name including, specialist workplace investigator, business owner, speaker, author, academic, researcher, and trainer.

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