3 x 3 breathing and self care strategies for investigators

Self-Care Strategies for Investigators Considering the challenging nature of their role, workplace investigators require ready access […]

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How to avoid failing in your duty of care using best practice investigations

When carrying out workplace investigations, it is essential that both employers and investigators thoroughly understand the […]

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How not to stuff up a sexual harassment complaint!

Whilst women everywhere are asking for zero tolerance, the counter side to the equation is ensuring […]

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What is vicarious trauma doing to your investigators?

Corporate workplace and insurance investigators see and hear many challenging things during the course of an […]

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Do you know how to manage underperformance in remote workers?

Employers across Australia are doing their best to ensure that the impact of COVID-19 on performance […]

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How do you investigate psychological Injury?

It is vital that employers understand the need to safeguard the mental health of all employees […]

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10 Best things about 2020 – our Startup story.

There is no denying that 2020 has been one tricky year, where many expectations were frustrated, […]

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Meet Laurie Mullen, a Private Investigator in Queensland and specialist in workers’ compensation investigations

When Laurie Mullen retired from the Hampshire Constabulary and emigrated from England to Australia in 2003, […]

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The Top Ten Principles of Memory that Every Interviewer Should Know

Despite decades of international research on memory in hundreds of thousands of experimental studies, few invariant […]

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