Announcing our Investigator Referral Scheme

We are delighted to announce that we have finalised the details of our Investigator Referral Scheme, […]

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Top concerns facing HR when investigating complex sexual harassment claims

Following the recent release of the respect @work: Sexual Harassment National inquiry Report (2020), Kate Jenkins […]

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General Insurance Code of Practice compliance training for investigators

The Haynes Royal Commission recommendations are coming into effect very soon. Requirements are already being made […]

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Should you use mediation or investigation when dealing with a workplace grievance?

Catherine D’hage has been a Private Investigator for the past 5 years but she started her […]

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WEBINAR-Conducting Investigative Interviews Remotely

Like many experienced investigators, Harriet Witchell has conducted hundreds of investigative interviews over her 24 years […]

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Effective Investigation Case Management. Do I need a Case Management System?

Do you need an Investigation Case Management System (CMS)? Is this a question you have asked […]

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