About MyKludo

Mykludo is an online platform that seeks to link the best investigators 
with clients seeking services in an efficient, secure environment.

Leveraging new technologies to release the constrains of traditional models of working, MyKludo investigators will be some of the most progressive agile thinkers in the industry. Eager to learn and eager to challenge traditional thought on how client needs can be met.

There are many different types of investigations and many different types of investigator, skills are wide ranging and necessarily so. Rarely in the field of any work do you need someone with the ability to apply their core skills to multiple environments, workplaces and people. Investigators need to adapt soft skills to meet the individuals in any case and the tenacity to deliver to a variety of legal and policy standards.

MyKludo seeks to get all that diversity in one place so the clients have the ability to find the right investigator.

Founded by Harriet Witchell, who has been at the forefront of the civil investigations industry for over 20 years. She is an accomplished investigator, author, facilitator, business woman and entrepreneur. This is the story behind MyKludo.


Two University lecturers, Jo Kamira and Harriet Witchell, were training engineers to investigate harassment when they drew up a business plan on the back of a napkin.

2001 – KSC

The first female investigations company in Australia was formed covering NSW & ACT


KSC was renamed WISE Investigations and later as WISE Workplace to reflect a diversification of services. In 2013 Jo left the business and established Capitol Workplace Investigations a Supply National Certified business


In January 2014 WISE Workplace merged with LKA Group becoming the first national provider of workplace investigations in Australia with 40 investigators across all states.

2017 SOLD!

Frustrated with an outdated industry business model, Harriet sold WISE Workplace to LKA Group in June 2017.

Harriet started thinking….

Harriet went back to her roots working as a consultant investigator and delivering investigations training. She started thinking about the gig economy, already the standard for investigators, and the future impact of Industry 4.0.

What if we could match the best investigators to each job every time, delivering higher quality investigations, more choice for clients and at a lower cost?

2020 – Mykludo

March 2020 MyKludo the Marketplace for Investigation Professionals launches. COVID-19 strikes and a new order of business begins!

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