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Your privacy is our priority so general searching of the database is not allowed, but here's a sneak peak of some of the investigators available on MyKludo.

David R.

David specialises in Workplace Misconduct, Workers Compensation Claims (bullying and harassment and fatalities), Public Liability and Work Injury Damages. He has worked as a Private Investigator since 2006 following a career in law enforcement.

Donna B.

Donna specialises in sexual misconduct & bullying, handling cases requiring care and sensitivity. She has 18 years’ experience with Reportable Conduct in NSW and a professional history as a Detective.

Craig S.

Craig is a member of the Dharawal Nation based in the ACT. He has extensive experience investigating issues including racism and fraud and delivering investigations and code of conduct training. Craig has Substantial experience in working with Aboriginal and Torres Islander organisations.

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